About Michael

Michael Nunez-Mattovich was born in Lima, Peru. While studying psychology at the Inca Garcilazo de la Vega University he discovered that his passion and talent was in cutting, coloring and creating designs with hair.

“I remember my parents’ first reaction. They thought I had lost my mind and that something was wrong with me.”

“I wanted to be an actor, the sets, the clothing, and the possibility of being able to portray different characters, gave me the ability to discover that I had the desire to work with hair, make-up and truly make wonderful pieces of art.”

Nico, was the first person who encouraged Michael to follow this vision. Later Pedro Yataco, a well known Hair Stylist in Peru, opened his doors and allowed Michael to realize that hair styling was the right path for him to take.


Michael arrived in the United States in 1995, with a dream of opening his own shop/salon, and came across a few obstacles. His major obstacles were learning the language and gaining acceptance in the profession. But Michael did not give up and stated,

“My dream is not over and there is a path I need to take.”

In order to become a stylist in the United States, numerous sacrifices had to be made. He had to work in different professions, which included everything from lawn mowing, office work and even as a waiter for a catering company.

“I wanted to obtain my stylist license therefore I had to push myself harder and harder each time to be able to make ends meet. I had to pay for school, pay for the license and master the language.”

Even under all that pressure he never gave up.

“I went up against every obstacle that crossed my path to make my dream come true, and was able to enroll in the hair academy. The sacrifices I made then are reflected now in my work, creativity and professionalism.”


With his license in hand, Michael’s first opportunity to become a stylist came to him at O’Hair. It is there that his dream became reality and he was able to practice, learn and become more creative with his designs and his gift.

“I was in training for six months at which time I had the opportunity to go to Vidal Sassoon, one of the most important and successful styling schools in the United States. There I was allowed to examine a totally new vision of hair styling and was given endless possibilities.”

This preparation allowed him to work at one of the most eccentric salons in Maryland – Hugo Salon. It is at Hugo Salon that he began to build his new image and vision. He learned to break the rules, think outside the box and create true pieces of art.

“Open Mind… a very American phrase, allowed me to imagine and create images in cuts and designs that were considered more risky.”

As techniques and styles are constantly changing, after a few years at Hugo’s he decided it was time for a change. He started a new adventure with Paabo where he had grown and learned a lot as a stylist. He discovered a whole new universe of styling and was making quite a name for himself.


Michael recently returned from New York, where he participated in the “Ambition Collection Academy” administered by Sam Brocato, one of the best and most reputable hairstylists in the United States and Europe.


  • ‘Brazilian Kertain Treatment’ given by M&M International 2008, Maryland.
  • ‘The Classic’ with Vidal Sassoon, Miami, 2004.
  • GKhair Education Trainer Program, Fort Lauderdale, 2010
  • The Anevolve System, Bethesda, 2010
  • Schwarzkopf Core Color Class, Arlington, 2011
  • GKhair “The Best” Train for Trainers, Pasadena, 2012


With the opening his own shop Michael is committed to continued growth and success while continuing to bring smiles on the faces of his clients with his work.

“My biggest payoff is that my clients return to me for services or  refer me to others because they are happy with my work. When I see the expressions on my clients faces, I realize how much of a difference I am making in their lives and that they truly recognize my work, vision and creation.”

His creativity and talent have no limits.

“In actuality there are clients that come in to see me and allow me the liberty to use my imagination. They allow me to play with their hair and the best way to create a piece of art is by breaking the rules, norms and trying something new and unique.”

He is now focusing his work not only in the creation of a new look, color or style or even in preparing brides for their special day. But he is also looking to participate in competitions worldwide.

“It is for these dreams that I continue to study and acquire certifications. I am a man who continues to challenge himself and pushes the envelop further and further each time. In my profession there are no limits, there is always something new to try and always something new to achieve.”